Introduction Series Published

We have published the first set of articles in our Introduction Series. This set of articles is designed to introduce some basic principles of return back to New Testament Christianity in the original form. We invite you to read through this series and post your comments. We would love to share your thoughts, questions and suggestions as we continue to publish more articles to the site.

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Site Relaunch

We have recently upgraded our server and software. While this is giving us fantastic new capabilities it means we are starting over with our content. One of the greatest blessings of becoming a Christian is the ability to get a fresh start. We decided it wouldn't hurt to get a fresh start on the web as well.

We have had several ideas that we have wanted to do many times in the past. Most of these ideas never became reality. WIth our new server capabilities and software we are going to have new options and tools we have never had before to help us accomplish our goals.

One goal has been to start a blog in order to publish information and allow others to comment. I see this a huge commitment of time and energy if it is to be successful. I look forward to the challenge.

Please follow along as we get up and running.